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Virginia Center for Consensus Building

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The mission of the Virginia Center for Consensus Building is to assist public and private stakeholders to arrive at consensus solutions of state, regional and local public policy problems. VCCB provides public policy mediation services as well as skills training in negotiation and mediation. We strive to provide stakeholders with the tools to create quicker, better and less expensive solutions to public policy disputes.

Public policy mediation

The VCCB utilizes a facilitative mediation style and consensus-based problem-solving techniques in its mediation work. The mediator creates a space where stakeholders can listen and talk to each other productively, with the goal of creating solutions that meet as many of the interests of the stakeholders as possible. The mediator also poses reality-testing questions to assist the stakeholders in fashioning a solution that will survive any required legislative or regulatory implementation.

Skills training in negotiation and mediation

Training in negotiation and mediation skills focuses on how to function productively in the public policy arena. We employ role-playing exercises based on actual legislative and regulatory issues to demonstrate key points and give participants practical hands-on experience in negotiation and mediation.

About the executive director

As executive director of the VCCB, Mark E. Rubin, J.D., provides mediation services as well as training in negotiation, advocacy and mediation skills for the resolution of public policy problems.

Rubin brings more than 30 years of experience working with and within governmental entities, most recently serving as executive director of government relations for VCU and VCU Health System. As an attorney, he has served as a government relations representative for a university as well as numerous professional associations and businesses. He has mediated a wide variety of legislative, regulatory and legal disputes and served as counselor to then-Gov. Timothy Kaine. As an adjunct professor at several Virginia law schools, he has taught courses in mediation, mediation advocacy and legislative advocacy.

Past successes

Rubin has experienced success facilitating public policy discussions and resolutions on a number of different topics, including:

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