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"[The badge is] something that I’m really proud of. It was almost nine months of working on my play therapy certificate and to be able not just to say, I worked on my certificate, but to show the exact classes that I took. It’s great to look at the badge, it shows every single course that you took and what you learned from the certificate. If somebody in the therapy field gets a credential or gets a certification, there aren’t badges out there. This is something new, and it does stand out."

Jennifer H., Play Therapy Training Program Badge Earner, LCSW

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What is digital badging? Digital badge visual for completing the Principles of Play Therapy workshop

We are committed to providing you with the tools necessary to achieve your professional goals and we understand that communicating your credentials in an ever-expanding online marketplace can be challenging. That is why Virginia Commonwealth University has partnered with Credly to provide you with a digital version of your credentials. Digital badges can be used in email signatures or digital resumes, and on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. This digital image contains verified metadata that describes your qualifications and the process required to earn them.

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