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Training shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all. That’s why we treat every organization as unique, working with you to tweak, enhance or design from scratch the ideal program to suit your needs.

Through the combined expertise of our Office of Continuing and Professional Education staff and our extensive list of outside partners, we customize training opportunities to advance the knowledge and skills of your employees. Virginia Commonwealth University claims more than 3,200 instructional faculty and adjunct instructors, an academic medical center, long-standing community relationships and a central location in Virginia’s capital, which provide our office with ample resources to draw from. We serve all sectors and industries, including K-12, corporate, nonprofit, state and federal agencies and military.

Working with you, we will:

Our areas of expertise

While we can craft any program from scratch, we also have some areas in which we specialize. Here are a few:


We have an established history partnering with aspiring and seasoned education professionals, schools and divisions to fuel their professional growth. Our goal is to connect the education community to resources available at VCU and provide prescriptive and customized responses in professional development, technical assistance, and project management and development.

We offer sessions on a wide array of topics, including organization leadership; creating effective teams; recruiting, staffing and supporting new team members; facilitating meetings; making decisions; using data to get results; teaching tips; parenting tips; school safety; and climate and culture. We also offer coaching for individuals and teams. Please contact Lynn Myers, Ed.D., at (804) 828-1322 or for more information.

Instructional coach
Improve your instructional skills and watch student performance grow after working with an instructional coach. We work with individuals or teams to sharpen methodology, identify key curriculum components and engage students in the classroom. Each coach is an experienced practitioner in data‚Äźdriven planning and best-practice methodology that yield improved results in classroom performance. Special school division partnership rates are available.

Leadership coach
Whether you are a new administrator, an administrator in a challenging setting or an experienced administrator seeking a partner for professional growth, a leadership coach can be a significant resource. We work with principals to build leadership skills and develop strategies and techniques to positively impact teaching and learning in every classroom. Each coach is a veteran school administrator who has successfully enhanced leadership capacity in others across multiple settings. Special school division partnership rates are available.

Mediation and negotiation skills training

Through the Virginia Center for Consensus Building, we strive to provide public and private stakeholders with the tools to create quicker, better and cheaper solutions to public policy disputes. Training in negotiation and mediation skills is focused on how to function productively in the public policy arena. We employ role-playing exercises based on actual legislative and regulatory issues to demonstrate key points and give participants practical hands-on experience in negotiation and mediation.

This training would benefit local and regional elected officials and government employees, as well as anyone negotiating in the public arena. Please contact executive director Mark E. Rubin, J.D., at (804) 828-1235 or for more information.

Language classes for community groups and organizations

We can customize language and cultural competency classes for industry-based needs including health care, emergency services, education, nonprofit sector, government and business. Classes are offered to community groups and agencies with at least 10 students and can be arranged on or off campus. Classes are competitively priced and can be offered as for-credit or noncredit options. We tailor all languages and cultural competency classes to the organization being served and the students in the class.

A tradition of partnerships

Our practice of developing successful training programs extends to partners across the commonwealth. These past and current partners include:

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