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The continuing education unit allows VCU to record an individual’s successful completion of various activities, allowing individuals to earn CEUs in order to maintain or increase expertise in a career field or renew professional licenses. It is solely up to the certifying agency — not VCU — whether to accept or decline VCU CEUs.

In order to offer VCU CEUs for participation or attendance at a particular event, a university school, college, department, program or office must apply through VCU OCPE to sponsor the event. Nonuniversity entities do not have the ability to request CEUs directly from VCU OCPE. The request must be sponsored and applied for by a university unit with expertise in the content area.

What is a CEU?

The CEU is a uniform unit of measurement for noncredit continuing education activities that meet certain requirements. As measured by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training, one CEU is defined as 10 contact hours of participation in an organized continuing education experience under responsible sponsorship, capable direction and qualified instruction.

A CEU is not equivalent to undergraduate or graduate credit and CEUs are only recorded to one decimal point (i.e., 14 contact hours is equivalent to 1.4 CEUs).

Criteria for awarding individual CEUs

VCU requires the following criteria be met by the university schools, colleges, departments, programs or offices awarding or sponsoring individual CEUs:

The CEU process

Requesting approval

When a unit within the university chooses to sponsor a CEU event, the process must be initiated with a CEU Event Application. This form must be fully completed with all required signatures and submitted directly to the university CEU coordinator in VCU OCPE at least one calendar month prior to the event start date. Applicants should work with the designated CEU manager within their school or unit to complete this process.

If approval is awarded, the university CEU coordinator will initiate or enter the event in OCPE’s online registration system. At this time, the event will be turned over to and managed by the unit CEU manager. If the event is not approved, the university CEU coordinator will notify the applicant and unit CEU manager directly.

Changing an event

Any changes to an event after the approval process will require the event to be reapproved with a new CEU Event Approval Form at least five business days prior to the event start date. The original event number must be included on the new form.

Canceling an event

If an event is canceled, the event coordinator must notify the unit CEU manager no later than the start date of the event so that he or she may alert the university CEU coordinator of the cancellation.

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