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Prepare for the ACT® at VCU. Learn strategies to improve your score through our intense ACT® preparation program.

Our ACT® Prep classes include expert instruction, a proven format, all required course materials, access to diagnostic exams, and online support resources in one convenient, affordable package.

ACT® Prep classes offer:

Expert Instructors: Our test prep instructors are highly trained professionals. Our experienced instructors know the ACT® and care about helping you achieve your goal.

Proven strategies: VCU's curriculum was developed by test-prep experts, who have years of experience writing test questions and preparing students for success.

Superior Materials:  The ACT® Prep Class includes the official preparation guide including practice tests from ACT and a course workbook.

Online Support: Our online support package for live-online ACT® classes includes access to recordings of all class modules, an instructor-monitored question forum, and online office hours. Access to online resources continues for 30 days after your last day of class, so you will still have support for your independent practice after class is over.

Convenient Schedule Options: During the academic year, live-online classes provide alternative schedules and the added benefit of taking the class from anywhere in the world.

Value: The course fee includes all course materials, access to online resources, and instruction from a trained professional who cares about your success.

Choose the schedule that works for you!

ACT® Blitz

Let VCU’s ACT® test-preparation program help you prepare for this important test! ACT® Blitz classes, offered during the academic year, are strategically scheduled for the weeks leading up to the most popular ACT® test dates. Classes are scheduled to allow time to practice new skills between sessions. Our multi-week course format allows abundant opportunities for learning and for interacting with our expert instructors. Classes include 16 hours of instruction, the official preparation guide including practice tests from ACT, a course workbook, and access to our online resources—class recordings, pre-recorded class modules, an instructor-monitored question forum, and online office hours. The ACT® Blitz classes are currenty offered live-online.

Request a custom ACT® Prep class or presentation

VCU Test Prep also offers customized ACT® Prep programs for schools, nonprofit organizations, and community groups. If you are a high school principal, guidance counselor, admissions department, or community leader and would like details about our custom programs or would like to request a presentation, please call our professional staff at (804) 828-1322 or email us at

VCU's Test Prep program is partnered with Educational Testing Consultants, a leader in higher education test preparation. Each year, Educational Testing Consultants helps thousands of students prepare for the important pre-college standardized tests at major colleges and universities across the United States.  Educational Testing Consultants provides a proven program with a record of success and highly trained, top-quality instructors.

Some VCU OCPE offerings are ineligible for waiver use due to partnership agreements. The following text will appear on the registration page: “*exempt—this offering is ineligible for waiver use.” 

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