Senior Citizen Waiver Policy

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VCU Continuing and Professional Education accepts Senior Citizen Waivers for credit and noncredit courses/events based on the following policy in accordance with VCU policy and the law of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Credit bearing courses/events:

VCU Continuing and Professional Education follows the VCU Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver policy based on the Senior Citizen’s Higher Education Program for credit based courses. Information on this program can be found at the following link:

The credit based Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver form can be downloaded at the following link:

Noncredit courses/events:

There are two types of noncredit courses/events offered by VCU Continuing and Professional Education, as they pertain to the use of Senior Citizen Waivers.

  1. VCU Continuing and Professional Education courses/events offered in partnership with private organizations / third party vendors, hereinafter referred to as Third Party Partnerships.
  2. VCU Continuing and Professional Education courses/events solely through VCU or through VCU in partnership with other public institutions, hereinafter referred to solely as VCU Continuing and Professional Education courses/events.

VCU Continuing and Professional Education Third Party Partnership courses/events do not offer the option for use of Senior Citizen Waivers. These courses are identified on the VCU Continuing and Professional Education website with the indication of “*exempt--this offer is ineligible for waiver use.” This indication will be on the course/event webpage or in the course/event description.

All other VCU Continuing and Professional Education courses/events are open to the use of Senior Citizen Waivers, and follow closely the terms of Senior Citizen Waivers used for credit bearing courses:

The Senior Citizen Waiver policy shall apply except that the senior citizen shall be subject to the cost of paying for special course and materials fees such as textbooks, laboratory fees, art fees, or any other class materials costs or costs associated with activities, trips, or events in which the class participates outside of the traditional classroom.

Please contact us directly at (804) 828-1322 or to request a VCU Continuing and Professional Education Senior Citizen Waiver form. 

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